We specialize in website copy at $0.09 per word (USD).

When your website is competing globally, let your excellent English build confidence and trust with your customers.


Our standard rate for website copy is US Dollars $0.09 per word (9 cents per word). That means that a full page of copy running 300 words would cost you USD $27.00 dollars. We do require a minimum order of $25.00 but a $27.00 order fulfills this minimum and there would be no further fees. Any order that meets the $25.00 minimum will not incur any additional fees over and above the base $0.09 per word.



We edit in Microsoft Word and use the Word Count feature to calculate your word total. The word count window below will calculate the number of words in your copy. When you submit your copy to us, we will verify the word count in Microsoft Word, and send you an invoice for that amount. Once you pay your invoice we will immediately begin work on your project and you will have the corrected material back to you within a couple of days or less.


The Submission Process

We accept submissions in three formats - Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) and plain text (.txt). You must make a file of one of these types with all the copy you want edited and send this file to us using the file uploader below. If you don't have direct access to your website HTML, you can copy the text from your website using a browser and paste it into the file you will send us. Do not include any HTML tags in your copy, just the text to be edited.


Check Your Word Count

You can calculate the word count and cost before you send your copy to us by using the fields below. Use sections 1 and 2 for this. After you are satisfied, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and upload all your copy to be edited in an Acrobat, MS Word or Text file.

1. Copy any amount of text into the field below to calculate the word count.
Click the "Word Count" button to calculate the approximate number of words in your copy:



2. Now, enter that (or any) word count in the field below to see your cost.
We specialize in website copy. Click the boxes below to see the cost at $0.09 per word. Remember, we do have a $25 minimum:



3. Select the file on your computer to upload to us.
We accept Adobe acrobat (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), and plain text (.txt) files

Clear file

( For Multiples Files, Select All Files At The Same Time )


Thank You For Using Industry English!

Now that you have upoaded your material, we will review it and send you an invoice. Once you pay the invoice, we will begin your editing project and you will have your copy in your hands (via your email box) within a couple of days or less. Please set your email service to allow emails from