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As your English editor, we will carefully read each and every sentence of your copy and correct any spelling and grammatical errors. Without changing the meaning, we will rephrase and rewrite sentences and paragraphs so your intent becomes clear and concise. We adhere to the current rules of American Business English, the world-wide standard which will be understood in all countries in which you do business. Below are some of the things we routinely seek out and correct. We make this process as easy and no-hassle as possible.

  • Fix Common Problems


  • Rewrite and correct subpar Google auto-translations - Auto translations are great for fast and dirty copy and to frame your ideas but once you know what you want to say to future business partners, make sure you are saying it in perfect English.

  • Apply best practices - This is stylistic. Current American Business English emphasizes brevity and clarity, allowing the busy reader to understand your meaning immediately.

  • Titling - Your titles should be concise and correct. Ideally, a reader should be able to ascertain the meaning of your document from the titling alone.

  • Spelling (American Dictionary) - All spelling will be computer checked. American spellings will be used when there is a discrepancy between British and American versions.

  • Syntax errors corrected - Different languages arrange sentences differently. Good English has a specific syntax that makes it easy to read and understand by native English speakers.

  • Punctuation verified - Punctuation can be tricky. It shouldn't be. Simple and straightforward is the best way and we will make your meaning clear with as few unnecessary additions as possible.

  • Contractions corrected - Current American Business English sometimes allows for a more relaxed manner of speech and the use of contractions. We will proof your use of contractions or suggest them when appropriate.

  • Abbreviations - We will proof your abbreviations and expand them when we think it is necessary.

  • Run-on sentences simplified - Breaking down extremely long sentences is sometimes an asset in making your point.

  • Prepositions verified - Grammar - Prepositions must be correct and consistent throughout your copy.

  • Mixed metaphors corrected - When necessary, we will correct these.

  • Idioms proofed - Idiomatic English sometimes helps make a reader feel comfortable. If you use idioms, we will make sure they are appropriate.

  • Colloquialisms checked - The same as with Idioms, we will check that they make sense and are appropriate.

  • Common misquotes corrected - Even native English speakers make these mistakes but you shouldn't. We will oversee quotes when you use them.

  • Terminology and rephrasing - This is about smooth word flow. When necessary, we will convert awkward language into smooth definitions and descriptions.

  • Clarify meaning of ambiguous statements - This is more toward meaning than grammar/spelling but your intention is of primary importance in your communication. We will see that it is understood.

  • Note culturally sensitive copy - When communicating across cultures, certain rules should be observed.

  • Double check everything - When we are done, we proofread and double-check everything.



    Example 1 - Before Industry English Editing (actual Original copy)

    XXX is a well known manufacturer which specializing in photo&video equipment to the world wide.We try our best to make sure customers have a pleasure shopping experience with us.We supply good quality products and the most competitive price.XXX not only focus on providing high quality photography accessories but also excellent customer after-service. Appreciate advance for your support and positive affirmation.


    Example 1 - After Industry English Editing (Corrected copy)

    We are a major manufacturer of photographic and video equipment to the global market. Along with excellence in product quality and competitive pricing, we are dedicated to customer service and are particularly noted for our after-sales support and attention to our customers' feedback. We appreciate your continued customer support and look forward to hearing from you.


    Example 2 - Before Industry English Editing (actual Original copy)

    XXX is one of biggest auto parts producer and exporter in China,as well as a professional Service supplier since 2000.
    XXX mainly supply&export Brake Pads Brake Shoes,clutch facing and European Truck parts
    As the fast development,and experienced and professional team formed,the production range has been enlarged to the brakes for car, light truck, heavy duty and Forklift, etc.
    All products are manufactured with advanced equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure high quality.
    Guaranteed, stable and timely supply, credible quality and sincere service, our products were sold well in both domestic and many countries and regions all over the world, especially to South America and Europe. Our products enjoy a good reputation among our customers.
    Welcome customers new and old to contact us for business cooperation.


    Example 2 - After Industry English Editing (Corrected Copy)

    XXX is one of the largest auto parts producers and exporters in China as well as an authorized Professional Service Provider since 2000.

    We specialize in brake pads and shoes, clutch facings and European truck parts.  Since our inception, our production range has also expanded to include brake parts for a wider range of cars, light trucks and forklifts as well as other heavy equipment.  All our products are manufactured with the most advanced equipment available and held to the strictest Quality Control standards in order to ensure the highest quality.

    Our reliability, consistent quality and attention to excellent customer service has helped us grow both domestically and abroad, throughout South America and Europe.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our products and services.  We look forward to working with you.


    Example 3 - Before Industry English Editing (actual Original copy)

    We specialized in sports industry for 15 years, our fitness products including yoga mat, exercise mat, gym ball, yoga block, yoga strap, foam roller, stretch bands, massage products, etc. these goods have been exporting to America, Europe, Australia, and so on. We believe you will like our product quality and our service.
    We have one professional QC team to control our product quality, and we will provide testing report for your confirmation before you arrange payment, so cooperated with us, your money is safe.


    Example 3 - After Industry English Editing (Corrected Copy)

    We have been specializing in products for the sports industry for 15 years including yoga and exercise mats, gym balls, yoga blocks and straps, foam rollers, stretch bands, massage products and more. We are a global exporter to America, Europe and Australia as well as numerous other countries. Our experienced Quality Control (QC) team can provide testing reports to verify your specifications for any order before you arrange payment. With xxx you can be confident you are making a lasting investment.


    Website Copy

    Your website or web pages are the international gateway to your company. Show them that you can communicate with them in professional business English.

    Company Profiles

    This is some of the most important few paragraphs on your web pages. Let your customers know your strengths and that you are capable of attending to their needs.

    Brochures, Advertising copy

    Print material is still alive. Let us proof read before you print trade show material and save you trouble and money while getting you the best possible product.

    Letters and Correspondence

    We can also edit important correspondence between you and your customers so there is no doubt as to what you mean.

    Contracts, RFPs

    We proof contracts and requests for proposals (RFPs) in English so there is no ambiguity and all requirements are clear.


    If you send out monthly emails or newsletters, we can oversee these on a regular basis. Let your clients know you are responsive to their needs.

    Technical Manuals

    We have years of experience creating English technical manuals for electronics and other industrial products.

    User Manuals

    We can help you explain assembly and operations in a user-friendly fashion.


    We can proof speeches which will be delivered in English. We always strive for the fastest turn-around possible.


    By bringing your Business English up to international standards, you will be firmly placing yourself in the global marketplace. With a commitment to excellent English, you will be making your products easier to access and your company a clear competitor with other international firms. You will be enabling the processes of communication and purchasing to run more smoothly and professionally.

    The ascent of small, global companies is changing the international marketplace. Access to your products should be as easy as ordering from any mainstream supplier. Help your customers find you and develop relationships that they can count on in the future.

    Contact us today to discuss your project.

    Industry English Editing

    We are an American company specializing in editing English websites translated from foreign languages.

    We take difficult English web pages and documents and make them clear and easily readable.