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Industry English About Us
Industry English About Us

Industry English is a group of business people and English language professionals in the United States specializing in editing English-as-a-second-language copy and converting it to accurate and professional business English. Almost all countries participating in the global economy conduct their international business in English. Professional quality English language skills give you a great advantage when communicating around the world. Let us help you be the best you can be with your most important outreach advertising product, your website.

For a very reasonable price, we will proofread your website copy and deliver a streamlined, corrected version to you for your immediate use. Once you have paid for this copy, you are welcomed to use it in any way you like with no time limits or restrictions.

You have the power of our native English staff of business people and English language professionals at your fingertips to help you present your enterprise in the best possible light.

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  • It's A Global Market Now

    Today, doing business across oceans and continents is like doing business in your own neighborhood. When you speak to your customers in excellent native English, they feel confident in doing business with you.

  • Get Your Ideas Across

    Keep your messages clear and focused and your viewers will remain engaged. Get your ideas across easily and quickly so they can get to know your products.

  • Timely Response

    Send us your website copy. Industry English will have your corrected copy back to you as soon as possible, sometimes in just a few hours. We know time is money.


Mr. David Goldberg has more than 40 years managerial experience, writing, editing and overseeing English publications, manuals, web content and business communications in Europe, Asia and America.

Industry English Founder David Goldberg

Ms. Cheryl Johnson, M. A., is a book editor and former professor at Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA. She holds a double Masters degree, in Comparative Literature and Reading Education and has spent 32 years as an instructor of English Literature, composition and reading at the high school and collage levels.

Cheryl Johnson-Industry English

Dr. Kurt Kohn is professor emeritus of Applied English Linguistics at the the University of Tuebingen, Germany. He has rich and long-lasting teaching experience in intercultural, online communication.

Dr. Kurt Kohn - Industry English