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Business English Editing

We are located in the United States and offer editing services for English language websites. We turn your ideas into perfect business English that shows you are a professional and have taken the time and effort to speak correctly to your market in terms they will understand and which will make them comfortable to do business with you. We make the whole process easy.

If you are aiming for the English-speaking market, you can stand head and shoulders above your competitors by conducting your business interactions in excellent English. This builds trust and creates a comfort zone in which your customers will feel encouraged to participate.

When your website speaks to them in an accurate and professional English voice, it creates confidence that will lead to lasting business relationships.

We take your existing English website text and rewrite it in professional business English without changing your meaning. It is important to us that your ideas get across to your customers in the most efficient and easy-to-understand fashion and we respect your business experience and will strive to remain true to your message.

All our work is checked and double-checked by our staff and subject to your final approval. We always strive for a quick turn-around so you will have your updates as soon as possible.

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We specialize in WEBSITE EDITING but also offer many related services

Website Copy

Your website or web pages are the international gateway to your company. Show them that you can communicate with them in professional business English.

Company Profiles

These are the most important few paragraphs on your web pages. Let your customers know your strengths and that you are capable of attending to their needs.

Brochures, Advertising copy

Print material is still alive. Let us proofread before you print trade show material and save you trouble and money while getting you the best possible product.

Letters and Correspondence

We can also edit important correspondence between you and your customers so there is no doubt as to what you mean.

Contracts, RFPs

We proof contracts and requests for proposal (RFPs) in English so there is no ambiguity and all requirements are clear.


If you send out regular emails or newsletters, we can oversee these each time they go out. Let your clients know you are responsive to their needs.

Technical Manuals

We have years of experience creating English technical manuals for electronics and other industrial products.

User Manuals

We can help you explain assembly and operations in a user-friendly fashion.


We can proof speeches which will be delivered in English. We always strive for the fastest turn-around possible.


Take every advantage possible to advance your company to the forefront of your market. Our English editing service is fast and we are sensitive to your requirements. Timely communication is as simple as an email. It's like having a native English speaker right there in your office!

  • Get Your Ideas Across

    Keep your messages focused and your viewers engaged with easy-to-read business English. Let them know you are speaking their language.

  • It's A Global Market Now

    Today, doing business across oceans and continents should be like doing business in your own neighborhood. We strive to make your collaborations as seamless as possible.

  • Timely Response

    We will have your professionally corrected English copy back to you as soon as possible, sometimes in just a few hours. We know time is money.

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web page copy eDITING

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  • Company Profiles
  • Product Details
  • Calls To Action
  • Image Captions
  • Titling
  • FAQs

eNGLISH EDITING FOR all other business documents

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  • Print Advertising
  • User and Technical Manuals
  • Contracts and RFPs
  • Newsletters
  • Letters and Correspondence
  • Speeches